The Reyhan Marble 's Story, with the closest known date was born in Kayseri Mimarsinan town with our grandfather, stone Construction works started in 1890 with our grandfather Ali.

In 1925 Who was the first generation of the family our grandfather Osman Bey, Turkish Republic’s 29. Contractor in the antiquities builds and historical builds of the , Museum, Mansion, Waterside, etc. has been restored and built.

In 1962, he founded a marble decoration workshop for luxury marble and natural stone production at the junction of Osman Bey's son, 2nd generation Raşit Reyhan. Adalettin Reyhan and Rahmi Reyhan brought from Germany in 1970 with the machinery and equipment known in the industry and now known in the sector as a business of marble masters grown up in 1990 until the first workshop has continued to work.

In 1992, Rahmi Reyhan, the third generation in Atisan and Ivedik Osb region, established many workshops and projects in Germany, Italy and the United States of America, Arabia and Turkish Countries.

In 2013, the 4th generation Mert Reyhan came to Ankara after 7 years of studying in the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Italy. German and Italian CNC machines were gained in the machine track and the controlled development in the sector continues.

In 2017, the 4th generetaion Onur Reyhan joined to the Reyhan Mermer after studied in the Department of Interior Design Architecture in Ankara. And now we apply to do Restoration and Decoration Office is carrying out architecture and interior design, restoration, decoration and construction projects in several fields and in different regions of Turkey.




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