The Reyhan Marble story is starting with Grandfather Ali in the town of Mimarsinan in Kayseri with the closest known history. In the stone construction works that our Grandfather Ali started in 1890 The first generation of the family, his son Osman Bey, the first antiquities in the history of the Republic 29.With the contracting certificate, the with the authority of stone structure restoration and new construction of historical buildings, castle, palace, museum, mansion, mansion etc. Restored and built structures such as.

In 1962, Osman The son of the Bey, 2nd generation Raşit Reyhan and the Ankara Aktaş intersection, Luxury marble and established a marble decoration workshop for natural stone productions. The machine and machine that Adalettin Reyhan and Rahmi Reyhan brought from Germany in 1970 Marble Masters, known in the industry and currently known in the industry, as a business where he grew up, he worked in his first workshop until 1990.

In 1992, Atisan and The workshop established by Rahmi Reyhan, the third generation in İvedik Osb region, and in the factory, mainly in Germany and the United States of America It has signed many projects abroad in the Arabian and Turkish Countries.

In 2013, the 4th generation Mert Reyhan studied at the Department of Marble Technologies at Afyon Kocatepe University between 2005 and 2007, and between 2007 and 2013 in the Parma University Civil Engineering, Architecture departments under the supervision of Chiara Vernizzi and the University of Modena Geology Science under the supervision of Doriano Castaldini, in Italy, the most successful country of our sector. After receiving his education in the department and coming back to Ankara, he and Italian origin CNC machines, 3D scanning devices used in indoor and outdoor scanning of special and historical buildings have been brought to our company, and the production of marble and natural stone productions that are designed is completed with ISO: 9001-2015 quality in an industry 4.0 integrated facility.

In 2017, 4th generation Onur Reyhan studied at Ankara TOBB University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design department and joined our family firm, and together with the Architecture - Interior architecture team, Reyhan is doing the architectural and interior architecture of mansions, mansions, prestigious residences, villas, apartments and offices. As Marble, we continue to develop in a controlled manner by assuming the role of locomotive in the local sector together with R&D and P&D departments.

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